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2018 Hawaiʻi Conservation Conference

E Pū Paʻakai Kākou - Collective Impact Initiatives in Wahi Kūpuna Stewardship 

Kelley Uyeoka (Huliauapaʻa), Kekuewa Kikiloi (UH Mānoa), Jason Jeremiah (Kamehameha Schools), Brutus LaBenz (Office of Hawaiian Affairs).

Conference Abstract: The Kali‘uokapa‘akai Collective is an aloha ‘āina alliance that has come together to activate our kuleana to protect Hawai‘iʼs wahi kupuna (ancestral places & resources, both cultural and natural) and ‘ike kupuna (ancestral knowledge). The collective is made up of cross-sector advocates in wahi kupuna stewardship including professionals, community members, educators, and cultural practitioners. The primary action items of the collective are to 1) Develop collaborative relationships and alliances pae‘āina wide, 2) Prioritize indigenous knowledge systems and methods, 3) Advocate for an interdisciplinary systems approach and best practices, and 4) Build community capacity to mālama wahi kupuna through relationships, education, and resources. This symposium will showcase the transformational work individual advocates are doing in their specific organizations, wahi, and communities as well as the collective action initiatives that the Kali‘uokapa‘akai Collective is undertaking to make systematic changes in Hawai‘i for the benefit of all.


2019 ʻĀina Summit Report Back Gathering

Members of the KC participated in the 2018 ʻĀina Summit, and were asked to present back on the Kaliʻuokapaʻakai Collectives initiatives at the 2019 ʻĀina Summit Report Back Gathering. Kelley Uyeoka and Dominique Cordy shared about the progress made within the KC and the synergy between the action items stemming from both the ʻĀina Summit and the KC Think Tank.


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Join us in re-envisioning Wahi Kūpuna Stewardship in Hawaiʻi and endorse the Kaliʻuokapaʻakai Collective’s vision of empowering communities, professionals, and agencies to work collaboratively to protect, restore, reinvigorate, and appropriately steward Hawaiʻi’s wahi kūpuna.

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