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The Kaliʻuokapaʻakai Collective

Re-envisioning Wahi Kūpuna Stewardship in Hawaiʻi

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Our Hui: An Interdisciplinary Community of Practice

The Kali‘uokapa‘akai Collective (KC) is an interdisciplinary community of practice of advocates in wahi kūpuna stewardship. We were created from the need to organize our shared ideas, resources, and strategies to build capacity and take collective action in safeguarding Hawaiʻi’s wahi kūpuna. The Collective’s purpose is to strengthen Wahi Kūpuna Stewardship through collaboration and collective efforts.

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​The Kali‘uokapa‘akai Collective

was created from the need to organize our ideas, resources, and strategies to build capacity and take collective action in safeguarding our wahi kūpuna. Thus, the Kali‘uokapa‘akai Collective's purpose is to strengthen wahi kūpuna stewardship through collaboration and collective efforts.

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Our Vision

Our vision is empowered communities restoring, reinvigorating, and stewarding Hawaiʻi’s wahi kūpuna. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to collectively activate and fulfill our kuleana to protect Hawaiʻi’s wahi kūpuna and ʻike kūpuna. 


Our Inoa

The Kali‘uokapa‘akai Collective’s name derives from a term coined by the late Uncle Eddie Kaanana, which literally means “the essence of salt.” It illustrates the powerful Hawaiian metaphor of paʻakai as an agent of protection, preservation, healing, and bringing people together. It draws strength from the notion that we are a resilient people that can survive in the harshest of conditions and when we pool and share our resources together (e pū paʻakai kākou), we can achieve any goal. The concept of paʻakai also calls to mind the historical landmark legal case, Ka Pa‘akai o ka ‘Āina, that reaffirmed the traditional and customary rights of Native Hawaiians.

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Our Logo

Inspired by their physical appearance, the diamond represents the various shapes of salt pans with the circle inside representing the clusters of paʻakai. When placed side by side, this design represents the connection between each community and our ability to thrive when we come together to mālama our shared kūleana. 



Pledge Support

Join us in re-envisioning Wahi Kūpuna Stewardship in Hawaiʻi and endorse the Kaliʻuokapaʻakai Collective’s vision of empowering communities, professionals, and agencies to work collaboratively to protect, restore, reinvigorate, and appropriately steward Hawaiʻi’s wahi kūpuna.

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